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Shanghai Family blog link, and product stock updates

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Shanghai family (a City Weekend production) put a small page up about the Magnets, but unfortunately didn’t put a link to us. Shanghai Lollipop, one of the stores that carries us got a link instead.

Wonderful. The page in question is here – http://www.shfamily.com/blog/2011/06/12/fresh-tips-bits-for-the-summer/

Oh well, some publicity is better than no publicity, and I have put a comment on their blog page about that.

In other news, we’re currently on our 3rd reprint for the Magnets – so they’re doing quite well.
We’re currently out of stock till the reprints arrive, mostly as my assistant didn’t order as many boxes as I asked for.

I told her to get 1000 boxes, she only ordered 500… and they take about 3 weeks from ordering till delivery. Doh!

So…. this time I took control, and I’ve re-ordered 5000 boxes now to ensure it doesn’t happen again, (plus a few thousand more magnets). We should have new stock at the end of the month assuming our printers don’t make the usual mistakes with the glue and we have to send them back yet again.
QC – something I do, and they don’t hehe…

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Having trouble communicating?

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