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Location, location, location…

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

People ask us all the time, where oh where can I buy a set?

Online Vendors
Aside from the obvious Shanghai site listed on the right hand side, iWantOne.cn http://www.iwantone.cn
We also now have a new online retailer up in Beijing, with the nice people at Beijing home delivery carrying Set #1.  You can buy that, and more products from  Beijing Home Delivery http://www.beijinghomedelivery.com/fridgelingo.html

Retail Outlets
For those who don’t want the convenience of door to door delivery, you can brave the cold winter and visit one of the retail outlets who carry stock of the magnets around town.

Most of the retailers are in Jing An (and strangely enough all close to our office!).

You can find Set #1 at the following venues:

If you would also like to carry our magnets, drop an email to:  lawrence at iwantone dot cn, and we can talk.

Review up on Smart Shanghai

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Smart Shanghai Fridge Lingo Review

We have our very first press from the boys over at SmartShanghai, who gave us a quick review.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys, and enjoy the Magnets!

Fridge Lingo Introduction

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

The Fridge Lingo magnets, are sets of Fridge Magnets with Chinese / English / Pinyin phrases.

Each set has a few hundred words / phrases which you can use to make your own sentences up on the fridge, or on any other metal surface.

Our first available set is “Talking to your Ayi”, and has basic words useful for communicating with the ayi.
That’s available right now at a few outlets around the city (which we’re expanding on), as well as online.

Our second set is “Sex in the City”, which will be released around June 08.

The second set is quite fun – we have words related to dating, and relationships, even some of the naughty ones. Its been great fun thinking up the words for that!

Having trouble communicating?

Talking to your Ayi has Over 200 words and phrases useful for basic household tasks inside!
Our FridgeLingo™ word sets have English, Pinyin and Chinese Characters on each magnet.
Additional phrase sets are also available at http://www.iwantone.cn

Buy "Talking to your Ayi" Now!

Having trouble communicating?

Stuck for words, at a loss for what to say? Improve your Chinese skills with our second, and more risque word set. Ever wondered what how to say golddigger in Chinese?
Do you even know what cuckolded is? (or how to say it in Chinese)
Learn all this, and more with our second set. First few orders come with a special gift ;)

Additional phrase sets are also available at http://www.iwantone.cn

Buy "Sex in the City" Now!

Having trouble communicating?

When you go to the supermarket, when you want call a takeaway, when you want to make a traditional Chinese dish yourself...Don’t be stuck! Use the FridgeLingo™, all will be so easy.
Additional phrase sets are also available at http://www.iwantone.cn

Buy "Food,Glorious Food!" Now!
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